Last Updated: February 10, 2023

Hartmann Industries is committed to providing the highest level of service to all of our customers, and we are continuously reviewing and updating our policies, procedures, and technologies to ensure that our organization is accessible to everyone.

We take into account the varied and unique needs of our customers and strive to ensure that our accessibility policy is in line with the relevant laws and standards.

Online Accessibility

Hartmann Industries has leveraged the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 as reference to ensure the web content made available from this site is more accessible for individuals with disabilities and user friendly for everyone.

These globally recognized best practices (as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium) consist of three levels of accessibility measurement (A, AA, and AAA). To the greatest extent feasible, has elected to conform to Level AA of these guidelines.

AudioEye Trusted

Accessibility Features on

  • Invisible skip links that lead screen reader users directly to the main content on a page
  • Keyboard accessible navigation and forms
  • Headers that help define page organization
  • Videos that are captioned and include transcripts and audio description
  • Color contrast that assists reading for people who are color blind or have vision impairments

For the best experience, please keep your technology up to date, including using the latest version of your web browser and assistive technology.

The website is monitored and tested regularly by internal resources and by AudioEye, a third-party provider of Web Accessibility testing and monitoring. As issues of accessibility are identified, results of automated and manual testing are managed through the AudioEye® Digital Accessibility Platform. As new solutions are discovered to improve the user experience, remediation is tracked through the AudioEye system and fixes are implemented to improve the website user experience.

If you are a Managed IT Services customer and need technical support with your assistive technology, please let us know by opening a support ticket. 

The AudioEye Toolbar

In addition to the above-mentioned techniques and strategies – and since not all site visitors have access to assistive tools such as screen readers – we have provided free Web Enhancement Tools that allow site visitors to customize their user experience.


The Visual Toolkit
The Visual Toolkit Customize the visual display of the website.
Page Elements Navigation
Navigate easily through any page by element, or content hierarchy.
AudioEye Help Desk
Report accessibility related issues.

Communicating with Hartmann Industries

We aim to make communicating with Hartmann Industries as easy as possible.

For persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech disabilities

We accept relay calls on all of our phone numbers and can use relay services to call you back.

To contact Hartmann Industries via the Telecommunications Relay Service, dial 7-1-1 and ask the operator to dial: (855) 956-2574

For persons who are blind or have vision impairments

We can provide documents in alternative formats, such as large font and large print, and assist with requests for documents in audio and Braille formats.

Hartmann Industries offers a reading service for all website content and account documents. Please email us at to request this service.

For all customers

We can provide customer service support in several languages and can arrange for interpreters for customers who need assistance.

AudioEye Accessibility Certification

The AudioEye Certification seal represents a commitment to accessibility and digital inclusion. The AudioEye certification process involves automatic and manual testing with the goal of maximizing conformance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA Success Criteria.

AudioEye certifies that this site is in the process of being enhanced to conform with WCAG 2.1 Level AA Success Criteria to the greatest extent possible.

AudioEye and Hartmann Industries continue to collaborate in an ongoing effort to maintain conformance and provide an accessible user experience for all users

This website is regularly tested using a variety of assistive technologies. We recommend using the following web browser / screen reader combinations for an optimized experience:

For Windows users: JAWS and Chrome or NVDA and Firefox

For Mac users: VoiceOver and Safari or VoiceOver and Chrome

For mobile users: VoiceOver for the iPhone and TalkBack for Android devices


If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve our accessibility policy or services, please email us at