Mobile App Development

Innovative Mobile Applications for SMB & Enterprises

Hartmann Industries’ mobile application development service brings your company into the mobile era.

Did you know that over half of all web traffic comes from mobile phones?

A custom app for your business shows your willingness to engage with your customers on the medium where they feel the most comfortable.

Whether you need an app that runs on Android or iOS, Hartmann Industries offers full-stack development services.

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How To Build The Perfect Mobile App

Our team of designers, engineers, and project managers work together to ensure that your custom mobile app reflects your company's branding and overall functional goals.


The overall success of your mobile app stems from a comprehensive strategy. Our team works closely with you to define your idea, conduct market research, establish milestones, publishing your app, and continued maintenance.

User Experience Design

The design of your mobile application is critical – it must be fluid, intuitive, and coherent all while still meeting your brand guidelines and those from Apple and Google.

User Testing

Before your app goes live, we will conduct user experience testing from our pool of testers, your employees, and even select customers of yours. Their feedback is a crucial part of your app’s success and our quality assurance program.


Does your mobile application need a backend database? Hartmann Industries offers full-stack development services, and we develop or integrate backend applications while creating your app.

Speed & Availability

We build native and hybrid iOS and Android apps, depending on the size of your application and the features required. We always chose the correct architecture depending on your use case to ensure your app is snappy to users.

Maintenance & Support

Your app is an ongoing investment in your business. We help you maintain, support, and enhance your mobile application to squash bugs and ensure support with the latest mobile devices.

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