Enterprise IT Package

Enterprise IT Package

$325.00 per Employee per Month

Enterprise-level dedicated IT engineers at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house IT, backed by our most powerful toolset yet.

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Number of Employees:

Product Description

For large, complex organizations, this package is for you. It includes a full suite of dedicated technical engineers, working both security and infrastructure, as well as a dedicated account manager. This is our top-of-the-line package for companies where IT availability and support is an absolute must, and where downtime can have a significant impact on business. Here are the highlights:

  • 3 Devices Per Employee (Laptop/Desktop/Mobile)
  • UNLIMITED Hours of Support per Employee
  • Comprehensive Networking Monitoring
  • Telephone Support Available 24/7/365 in English and Spanish
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Security Engineer
  • Dedicated Infrastructure Engineer



  • Microsoft Office 365 E5 for email and productivity
  • EUROPA Enterprise Plus, our no-code web application that lets you build your own business applications & automation (a $99.99/user/month value)
  • Sophos Intercept X with EDR and MTR Advanced for computer anti-virus, anti-ransomware, anti-malware, and leadless threat hunting
  • Sophos Central Device Encryption to secure business data on desktops and laptops
  • Sophos Central Mobile Advanced to ensure mobile devices holding company data are secure
  • ProofPoint Essentials Pro for email spam filtering and email archiving
  • Hartmann Industries Desktop Backup, 1 TB Storage to keep your sensitive data safe
  • Hartmann Industries Email Backup, Unlimited Storage to protect your email communication
  • Wizer Security Awareness Training to train your employees on best security practices (premium plan)
  • Bigger Brains to train your employees on productivity tools and more.
  • Keeper Security Enterprise Plus to keep your passwords secure (includes SSO, BreachWatch)
  • Branded IT Policies & Procedures with e-signature for each employee
  • Hosted Unifi Management, 10 Device for Unifi wifi access points and networking equipment
  • Micro Cloud Service, Linux for anything that can run in the cloud
  • Complimentary 75 Onboarding Hours to ensure your computers are configured properly & fully documented


Additionally, receive our Enterprise marketing package for free:

  • Free .com or 7-Year Renewal/Transfer
  • Free 5-Page Website
  • Ultimate Web Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Website Uptime, Updates, & Security Monitoring for WordPress
  • Complimentary Business Card Design
  • Complimentary Logo Design
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Social Media Management
  • 1 Free Blog Post Per Month
  • Reputation Manager
  • Listing Builder


This package is billed per active employee per month. Pay annually for a 15% discount. This package is a must for companies that must maintain compliance, whether it be HIPAA, PCI-DSS, PII, GDPR, and others. A-la-carte, this package is worth over $3,100 per month!


Hartmann Industries provides remote IT support to employees worldwide, as well as on-site IT work in all 50 states and throughout Europe.


Why Hartmann Industries?

  • Premium IT Support – anytime, anywhere. Available 24/7/365 via phone, email, live chat, and SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
  • No Contracts – we believe that our stellar support makes contracts redundant.
  • Scalable – our team is an extension of your company. We are with you every step of the way as you grow.

Additional information

Minimum Number of Users


Subscription Options

Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

Maximum Number of Devices


Hours of Support


Availability of Support


Means of Support

Telephone, Email, Live Chat, Web Portal, SMS, Slack, Teams

Language of Support

English, Spanish

Network & Endpoint Monitoring


Dedicated Security Engineer


Dedicated Infrastructure Engineer


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 E5


EUROPA Enterprise Plus

Remote Workforce

5 Computers


Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced with EDR and MTR Advanced

Mobile Device Management

Sophos Central Mobile Advanced


ProofPoint Essentials Pro

Device Encryption

Sophos Central Device Encryption

Backup Licenses

3 Desktops or Laptops

Backup Storage

1 TB

Email Backup

Included with Unlimited Storage

Password Management

Keeper Security Enterprise Plus

User Training

Wizer Premium, Bigger Brains

Included Cloud Server

1 "Micro" Linux Server

Hosted Network Management

10 Unifi Devices

Included Onboarding Hours

75 Hours

Domain Name

Free .com or 7-Year Renewal/Transfer

Website Development

Free 5-Page Website

Web Hosting

Ultimate Shared

Website Monitoring

Uptime, Updates, Security (WordPress)

Business Card Design


Social Media Management

Facebook & LinkedIn

Blog Posts

1 Free Per Month

Logo Design


Reputation Manager


Listing Builder


Getting started with Hartmann Industries is simple and fast!

After completing your order, you will be given a downloadable installer file that you need to run on every desktop, laptop, and server that your company uses. The file installs our remote monitoring and assistance software. We recommend saving the installer on a USB flash drive to speed up the process.

Upon installation, our tool will document your computers and complete a basic onboarding process to further evaluate your network and infrastructure. This process is completed automatically within minutes of installation and requires no additional effort on your part. A Hartmann Industries Onboarding Engineer will follow up with you after your order to provide assistance if needed.

If you have a larger network and on-premise servers, or if you have an existing MDM/RMM on your computers, please inform your Onboarding Engineer promptly. In many cases like this, we are able to push our tool across your network in bulk to save additional time. Furthermore, if you have Linux or Apple Mac servers/computers, please ask your Onboarding Engineer for compatible installer files.

What type of computers does Hartmann Industries support?
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Is there a contract? Am I locked in?
What if I need to change or add licenses?
Do I need to buy new computers?
What languages do you offer support in?
What if I hire or let go of an employee?