Startup IT Package

From: $100.00 / month with a 7-day free trial per employee

Hartmann Industries’ Startup IT Package is a no-frills, fixed monthly pricing IT support and services package for small businesses and startups. We’ll help you get your business off the ground with the basics: email, file sharing, cloud storage, security, and more.

Subscribing to IT support from Hartmann Industries is easy – enter the number of employees you have and checkout. No lengthy sales calls or boring presentations. The onboarding process is automated and quick, and we’ll be by your side every step of the way.


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Product Description

Even solo business owners and startups need IT infrastructure & computer support… But who said it has to be expensive? Running a startup is hard enough without having to worry about purchasing and maintaining all of the technology. This comprehensive Managed IT Package has everything your startup needs to maintain your company’s first computer system without breaking the bank.

Hartmann Industries helps startups by handling the technical aspects of their technology infrastructure. This frees up your startups employees to focus on generating revenue and growth. Most startups grow at a fast pace – they cant afford to hire an inhouse IT department, and they need their employees to be spending time working on their business, not trying to figure out how to get the latest version of Windows installed on their computers.

For VC-backed and bootstrapped software startups with this package, you will receive steep discounts on our cloud infrastructure consulting services to ensure you have a robust, secure, scalable, and reliable backend for your product. For hardware startups utilizing our core MSP services, we offer a variety of discounts on manufacturing and managed project management services. Hartmann Industries’ services grow with your business.

Our team is here to help with ongoing support on all of your devices, PCs, Macs, servers, printers, and alike 24/7/365.

This package is billed per active employee per month. Pay annually for a 15% discount. This package is great for micro-companies that need occasional help and still need to protect their data. A-la-carte, this package is worth over $1,057 per month!

Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Support?

“It’s not that small businesses aren’t interested in technology. They’re just not interested in poor technology.”

Small business owners are constantly juggling their time between running their business and trying to keep their IT running. Hartmann Industries’ Managed IT Services take the burden of IT off of your shoulders and make it a seamless part of your company.

MSPs like Hartmann Industries can reduce operating costs by 60% by streamlining IT services, combining software tools, automating business processes, improving employee productivity, and maximizing the use of existing technologies.

Why Hartmann Industries?

  • Premium IT Support – anytime, anywhere. Available 24/7/365 via phone, email, and live chat.
  • No Contracts – we believe that our stellar support makes contracts redundant.
  • Scalable – our team is an extension of your company. We are with you every step of the way as you grow.

Hartmann Industries’ eCommerce Experience

Traditional MSPs force business owners to sit through boring presentations and lengthy phone calls – not with Hartmann Industries.

With our eCommerce website, you can buy and manage your IT needs online. Our eCommerce website allows you to:

  • Buy and manage your IT services online with ease.
  • Learn about the latest trends in technology from our blog.
  • Use our “Quick Quote” tool to get a quote for all of your large projects in seconds.
  • Track the status of all your hardware orders from one simple dashboard.


With Hartmann Industries, you can sign up for a package that fits your requirements and budget. You won’t have to worry about long-term contracts or paying extra for features you don’t need.

Additional information

Billing Terms

Monthly, Annually

Getting started with Hartmann Industries is simple and fast! After completing your order, you will be given a downloadable installer file that you need to run on every desktop, laptop, and server that your company uses. The file installs our remote monitoring and assistance software. We recommend saving the installer on a USB flash drive to speed up the process. Upon installation, our tool will document your computers and complete a basic onboarding process to further evaluate your network and infrastructure. This process is completed automatically within minutes of installation and requires no additional effort on your part. A Hartmann Industries Onboarding Engineer will follow up with you after your order to provide assistance if needed. If you have a larger network and on-premise servers, or if you have an existing MDM/RMM on your computers, please inform your Onboarding Engineer promptly. In many cases like this, we are able to push our tool across your network in bulk to save additional time.
What type of computers does Hartmann Industries support?
Is "Unlimited" support really unlimited?
Is there a contract? Am I locked in?
What if I need to change or add licenses?
Do I need to buy new computers?
What languages do you offer support in?
What if I hire or let go of an employee?

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