TrackVia Unlimited Implementation Add-On

$150.00 per user / month

Truly unlimited TrackVia implementation at a low monthly cost. All-you-can-eat services by TrackVia-certified engineers, system architects, business process consultants, and vCTOs. Shift TrackVia implementation CAPEX into your long-term cash flow with Hartmann Industries.

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Product Description

For organizations that required both 24/7/365 TrackVia support and long-term implementation services, Hartmann Industries offers our Unlimited Implementation Add-On at $150 per user per month. Shift the large capital expense of TrackVia implementation into your day-to-day cash flow.

This add-on includes all of the benefits of our first-tier support add-on plus all-you-can-eat implementation services. Hartmann Industries implementation services cover your entire engagement with TrackVia, from identifying business bottlenecks, to designing tables and forms, to personalized end-user training and deployment.

Additionally, the Unlimited Implementation Add-On includes complex services such as:

  • Writing App Scripts
  • Configuring Logic Flows
  • Personalizing Dashboards
  • Developing Microservice Scripts
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Personalized End-User Training
  • Deployment Assistance & Advice
  • Migrating Data from Spreadsheets
  • Custom Middleware Development
  • Advanced Role & User Management
  • Sandbox Management & E2E Testing
  • Account Maintenance & Documentation

The Traditional Cost of ERP Implementation is $8,265 Per Employee

That's 23 Years of Savings With
Hartmann Industries Unlimited Add-On.

This add-on is truly unlimited. Whether you’re looking to build out a simple task tracking app to a full-blown ERP system in TrackVia, we will cover your project 100%. We do not track or bill for overages, because we do not have overages.

Organizations that choose Hartmann Industries as their Gold-Certified TrackVia partner receive extensive account management services, including access to a dedicated account management team that works with key stakeholders and investors to identify operational bottlenecks and provide executive updates on their TrackVia implementation.

Typical TrackVia ERP Implementation Costs (Thousands of $)

Chart based on a 20-employee company that is using TrackVia as their main enterprise resource planning system, with an average ERP implementation cost of $8,265 per user over 3 years.

Hartmann Industries Unlimited Add-On is billed month-to-month, per active employee. Your bill is predictable and consistent. There are no lock-in or complicated contracts.

For organizations with over 100 users, we offer complimentary annual on-site training. Hartmann Industries works with businesses throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Are you an accredited educational facility, non-profit, or government grant? Contact our sales team for special rates. We are compliance-friendly, including GDPR, GLBA, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA – and will sign a BAA at no extra cost.

Please note that this add-on requires the separate purchase of base TrackVia licenses, such as Quick Start or Business.