TrackVia User License

From: $600.00 / year / user

Add additional users to your TrackVia account with Hartmann Industries. Enter the number of users to add and checkout with your credit card or cryptocurrency of choice. Users are bundled in groups of five and are available in standard or admin variants.


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Product Description

Looking to add new employees, contractors, and customers to your TrackVia account? Order TrackVia User Licenses for your tenant in bundles of five (5) TrackVia seats. Users can either be added as admins or standard users.

Super Admins & Admins

When licensed properly, super admins will have total control over your TrackVia tenant. These seats are perfect for system administrators, operations teams, and BCDR breakglass accounts. Super admins can change critical TrackVia settings such as branding, backups, SAML SSO, and security policies. They will also have access to every app and all the records in them, and can make changes to tables, views, forms, dashboards, and flows. We recommend only have a small handful of super admins due to the amount of access they have.

Comparatively, admins will only have access to add, modify, and remove tables, views, forms, dashboards, and flows inside a single TrackVia app. Admin users are great for citizen developers who want to build out apps for their teams.

Standard Users

Standard users have read/write access to records, but will not be able to make changes to your apps’ structure. Standard user seats are perfect for givingĀ  access to everyday employees and contractors. These users will have limited permissions based on the roles configured in each TrackVia app.

There is no limit to how many users you can add to your TrackVia account.

Ordering Options

All TrackVia user licenses are prepaid annually and valid for one year from the day of purchase. With Hartmann Industries, we make it easy to order and manage your TrackVia licenses through our eCommerce portal. Simply add the number of bundles you need, the type of licenses, and pay online with your credit card or cryptocurrency of choice.

You will be eligible to add users to your account immediately, with your order being confirmed with TrackVia within three business days.

24/7 Support

Having issues adding new users to your TrackVia account? When purchasing licenses through Hartmann Industries, you’ll get limited access to our 24x7x365 bilingual TrackVia support service that covers all account management questions. Upgrade to our full support SKU or Unlimited TrackVia Implementation service for more coverage.

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