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A complete and thorough audit of your website for uncovering any SEO issues, tracking configuration, and recommended improvements.

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Product Description

The Website SEO Audit is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your website’s SEO health. Our team will analyze your site for technical SEO issues, tracking configurations, and recommend actions that can be taken to improve your search engine ranking. We will also give you a thorough understanding of the current state of your website’s visibility from an SEO perspective with detailed explanations and suggestions for improvements in your content, design, and code.

We will provide recommendations for quick wins on-page and off-page such as changes to keywords or content that are not ranking at the top, consideration for schema markup, social media optimization, image optimization including alt text description tags, and more. You will receive a detailed report and have access to our team of highly experienced digital strategists, designers, and engineers to provide further insight into remediation or provide remediation services to you (ask about our website SEO optimization services).

Order your audit online for a 10% discount off MSRP, and one of our digital marketing experts will be in touch to discuss your goals and analyze your website. This audit includes up to 15 website pages, with each additional page charged at a rate of $15/page.

Detailed SEO Report Includes

Website Security

  • HTTPS Encryption
  • Security certification expiration, protocol version, encryption algorithm
  • HTTPS URLs in XML Sitemap
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirection
  • Mixed content


  • XML Sitemap presence, validity, and size
  • Non-canonical and noindex pages in XML sitemap
  • Robots.txt presence and validity
  • Frame usage
  • URL length
  • Canonical chains
  • Timed out pages
  • Noindex and nofollow HTML and HTTP headers

Duplicate Content

  • WWW Redirect
  • Multiple canonicals
  • Duplicate content across pages
  • URLs with a double slash
  • No trailing slashes

HTTP Status Codes

  • 4XX and 5XX pages, 3XX redirects in XML Sitemap
  • Pages with 4XX and 5XX errors
  • Canonical URLs with 3XX, 4XX, 5XX status codes
  • Internal links to 3XX redirect pages
  • External links to 3XX, 4XX, and 5XX
  • Hreflang to 3XX, 4XX, or 5XX
  • 3XX, 4XX, 5XX images, CSS, and JavaScript files (internal and external)


  • URLs with duplicate page titles
  • Title tag is available and only used once
  • Title is not too long or too short


  • Description available and tag only used once
  • Description is not duplicated
  • Description is not too long or too short


  • Favicon available and correctly sized
  • Flash is not used

Website Speed

  • HTML size too big
  • Content is compressed
  • Page loading speed slow

Textual Content

  • Low word count
  • Missing or empty H1 tags
  • Multiple, duplicate, or too long H1 tags
  • Identical title and H1 tags
  • Missing or empty H2 tags
  • Too long H2 tags


  • Redirect chains and loops
  • Redirects to 4XX or 5XX
  • Meta refresh redirects
  • 302, 303, 307 temporary redirects

Internal Links

  • No inbound links
  • Too many links
  • Internal links missing anchor
  • Nofollow internal links
  • One inbound internal link

External Links

  • External links missing anchor
  • Nofollow external links
  • External links timed out


  • Invalid language code
  • Hreflang page doesn’t link to itself
  • Hreflang to non-canonical
  • Hreflang and HTML lang do not match
  • Confirmation (return) links missing on hreflang pages
  • Multiple language codes for one page
  • HTML lang invalid or missing
  • Language duplicates in hreflang
  • X-default hreflang attribute missing


  • Images too big
  • Images missing alt text


  • JavaScript not compressed
  • JavaScript not cached
  • JavaScript too big
  • Too many JavaScript files
  • JavaScript not minified


  • CSS too big
  • CSS not compressed
  • CSS not cached
  • Too many CSS files
  • CSS not minified

Mobile Optimization

  • Viewport meta tag missing
  • Fixed width value in viewport meta tag
  • Use of incompatible plugins
  • Minimum text to HTML ratio


  • Blocked by robots.txt
  • AMP page domain mismatch
  • Deprecation errors
  • AMP HTML tag and attribute errors
  • Style and layout errors
  • Template errors