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Our Services

We Directly Offer a Wide Variety of Business Services:

Hartmann Industries is your one-stop IT and business solutions provider. We believe in offering quality services at fair prices.


Website Development

Fully custom website development for your brand

Low Code / No Code

Comprehensive TrackVia professional services

UI Design and Development

Beautiful and original designs for any application

App Development

Bring your custom business apps and processes to the mobile market

E-Commerce Solutions

Get started selling online securely and build your dream brand


Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Reproducible and auditable infrastructure

HA Applications

Uptime critical applications that scale

Web Hosting

Affordable and scalable website and application hosting

Communication Systems

Text, email, voice – everywhere

DNS Hosting

Responsive, reliable, and flexible DNS servers


Asset Documentation

Overview of your IT systems

Cloud Solutions

AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack

Project Management

Assistance in managing internal teams

Security Auditing

Penetration and social engineering testing

Disaster Recovery

Geographic failover and emergency preparedness


Server/PC Health Management

Proactive infrastructure monitoring

24/7/365 Phone Support

English & Spanish

Antivirus Solutions

Protect against malware and ransomware

Network Management

Improve quality of service and security

Backup Monitoring and Testing

Keeping your data safe and sound

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