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A Scalable & Flexible TrackVia Workforce

Everyone gets behinds on their work sometimes. Maybe you’re in the middle of a big project and you’re starting to fall behind, or maybe you’ve been in a slump and you’re struggling to catch up. Either way, it can be tough to keep up with your workload on your own.

If you need some help getting your work done, our TrackVia staffing service can help with everything from data entry, validation, and migration, to inventory reconciliation, order processing, and customer service.

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TrackVia-Certified Agents

Unlike other staffing agencies, our agents are trained by Hartmann Industries’ TrackVia Professional Services team and are certified through TrackVia University. They are ready to work immediately upon assignment.

As an added bonus, all work completed by our agents are covered by Hartmann Industries’ 24×7 TrackVia Support Services at no extra cost.

Flexible Pricing For a Modern Enterprise

Get the TrackVia help you need without breaking the bank. Our pricing is based on a standard hourly rate, which is based on the level of experience and complexity of your job.

There is a one-time onboarding fee of $500 per agent, and engagements completed within a calendar month do not require changes to your TrackVia licenses.


Submit a no-cost staffing request online and we’ll pair you to the perfect agent. Requests are answered within 2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all hiring requests within two business days, and aim to onboard your agents within two calendar weeks. For simpler task, such as data entry, we aim to onboard your agent within the week of your request.

If you need urgent administrative support, please give us a call or send an email and we will prioritize your hiring request.

Hartmann Industries is a remote-first multinational organization, with employees throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our TrackVia-ready administrative team consists of citizens of the United States, Canada, Romania, and the Philippines.

Agents working physically in our Bucharest office are located in a GMT+2 time zone, while agents working remotely from the Philippines are in a GMT+8 time zone. For engagements longer than one month, agents are able to shift to your preferred time zone.

All agents, regardless of their country of origin, speak fluent English. Many agents out of our Romania office can also speak French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

If you have a specific language requirement, please let us know in your hiring request.

All of our agents undergo a rigorous screening process which includes an international background check and criminal record investigation. In addition, all of our agents are required to sign a confidentiality agreement specific to your engagement.

Our TrackVia-Ready Staffing Services meet existing Hartmann Industries’ security and compliance frameworks, such as HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, and CCPA.

All work completed in your TrackVia account is executed in an isolated and highly-controlled environment. Agents working on the Basic Plan work remotely, but are still required to access your TrackVia tenant through a controlled VDI system.

We charge a flat one-time $500 per agent, payable due before their start date. This onboarding fee covers all administrative overhead, such as an extended background check for compliance-driven environments, dedicated hardware, office space, insurance, regulatory fees, and so on.

If your engagement lasts under one month, or if you contract at least five agents on the Premium plan for one quarter, Hartmann Industries covers all necessary TrackVia user licenses.

There are no other on-going fees beyond the onboarding fee and conditional TrackVia licensing. Your monthly or quarterly invoices are based on the hours worked (minimum 20 hours per week) of your agent.

North America: we do not offer on-premise staffing services. For an additional fee, we can visit your company for TrackVia training or implementation.

Europe: we can offer on-premise staffing services throughout Bucharest, Romania for an additional $200/month.

Asia: we can offer on-premise staffing services in Manila, Philippines for an additional $200/month.

Africa: we do not offer on-premise staffing services.

South America: we do not offer on-premise staffing services.

Our agents are multidisciplined and can complete most administrative tasks. However, we do place limits on the activities they can perform, such as:

  • Agents cannot make changes to your TrackVia app structure, including tables, forms, dashboards, flows, and roles. Please ask about our Unlimited Implementation Service for TrackVia implementation assistance.
  • Agents are able to access your other systems, e.g. for migration or referencing data, but this service is intended for TrackVia-centric organizations that need assistance with data primarily based in TrackVia.
  • Agents cannot be sub-contracted out to your own customers for liability and insurance reasons. They must work on tasks directly related to your own organziation’s operations.

Hartmann Industries will automatically charge your credit card approximately one week in advance of your next billing period. The resulting invoice will be for the total amount of committed contracted labor through our TrackVia Staffing service.

All invoices must be paid in full before the next working cycle for agents to continue working on your engagement.

When you’ve finished your engagement and no longer require additional assistance, you can easily cancel your subscription on our easy-to-use eCommerce website.

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Hartmann Industries provides outsourced labor services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, compliance-driven organizations, and large enterprises. We support companies across North America, Europe, and Asia in achieving their strategic goals.

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