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TrackVia Security & Compliance Simplified

TrackVia Threat Experts is an extension of the platform’s built-in security and reliability capabilities, layering additional monitoring and hardening services that provide 24/7/365 security for your TrackVia account.

We work with you to understand your threat profile and tailor our detection and response capabilities to meet your needs. Our team of experts uses the latest security technologies and practices to monitor for threats and respond quickly and effectively to incidents. We work with your existing security and compliance teams to identify data loss prevention needs and ensure that your TrackVia account is always secure.

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For Security Conscious Organizations

Hartmann Industries’ TrackVia Threat Experts service is ideal for compliance-driven environments that need assistance developing security programs for their TrackVia data. Our team is here to help you create custom security response plans and proactively identify potential security risks that could impact your operations.

If you’re actively experiencing a security event involving your TrackVia data, our team is available 24x7x365 to help you triage, manage resources and investigations, and conduct root cause analysis.

  • Security Program Development

    Security policies, procedures, incident response planning

  • Threat Modeling

    Identification of data security risks and regulatory frameworks

  • Security Awareness Training

    Comprehensive training for TrackVia admins, users, and stakeholders

Scalable Pricing for Every Circumstance

Hartmann Industries offers two proactive subscriptions to help you secure your TrackVia data, train your employees, and decrease the likelihood of a security event. We also offer a reactive remediation service for non-subscribers which provides support in the event of a security incident.


Hartmann Industries is a TrackVia Gold Partner offering implementation and support services.
We work with organizations small and large, throughout the world, to improve their productivity and efficiency through modern TrackVia apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

This service only covers incidents that primarily involve the TrackVia platform, such as an account breach, data exfiltration, and insider threats. This service is intended to act as an extra layer of security on top of your existing solutions.

If you are experiencing a cybersecurity threat across your entire organization, please call our 24×7 hotline for cybersecurity incident response.

Hartmann Industries has established a standard security assessment for TrackVia customers which determines your overall risk level and categorization of risk. We work with your stakeholders to identify potential adversaries and entry points, then detail the risk and propose a solution to prevent an incident.

Our team consists of cybersecurity experts and TrackVia University certified admins. We offer an “A-to-Z” cybersecurity solution for TrackVia that involves identification, classification, and assessment of risks that your organization might face day-to-day. These risks can be either internal or external, and our experts will tailor and implement a solution accordingly.

At a minimum, you need access to the TrackVia platform on the web. This includes base licenses such as Quick Start, Business, and Enterprise.

If your organization must meet HIPAA, GLBA, or GDPR requirements, we recommend purchasing a compliance bundle from Hartmann Industries to ensure you have all necessary TrackVia features enabled. We highly recommend you have API access enabled on your account, and can assist you with getting this feature enabled.

This service includes all user licenses for Hartmann Industries’ team.

Depending on your regulatory requirements, you may be legally obligated to prove that your organization is taking active measures to protect data. Your organization may also hold confidential and proprietary information inside TrackVia, such as proposals, bids, and marketing plans. In these cases, we highly recommend subscribing to a proactive plan to meet these requirements and protect your confidential information.

Organizations that do not have an active subscription with Hartmann Industries’ TrackVia Threat Experts but are experiencing a cybersecurity incident primarily involving TrackVia can purchase our services as a one-time fee. This service starts at $10,000 per engagement, due upfront as a non-refundable deposit. One-off engagements may exceed $10,000 depending on the overall scope of the breach, the severity of the incident, and type of data involved – our team will provide a formal quotation within 24 hours of your outreach to Hartmann Industries.

Our proactive plans are all-inclusive, and will ensure your organization is taking every possible measure to protect data. Proactive customers receive the most attention from Hartmann Industries’ security team and will always be prioritized over one-off engagements.

Due to the level of detail that must go into threat modeling, threat identification, and user training, we only offer this service as an annual prepaid subscription.

We require purchasing at least 10 seats for our Business Plan, and 50 seats for our Enterprise Plan.

One-off incidents do not have a user minimum, but instead have a financial investment of at least $10,000 per engagement.

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Hartmann Industries provides TrackVia services to help customers manage, automate, and improve their business processes. We also offer consulting, support, and training services to help customers get the most out of their TrackVia investment.

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